X2 (pronounced "Cross-To") is a truely designed property within the Centara Boutique Collection, catering to a cosmopolitan group of creative and stylish guests that enjoy living life and want a first class private holidays accommodation... The X2 is a combination of private seaside and garden villas offering its guests an exceptional vacation experience in spectacular natural settings.

What Captured Our Attention ! & Why X2 ?
' About 40 minutes away from the Hua Hin town, this minimalist style resort had the most important thing you need on a holiday; PEACE surrounded by a boutique luxury! A well coordinated holiday experience to ease your stay in every angle possible. A private stay that is not to be missed...'

Signature's of X2
- A True Definition of a Private Sanctuary
- Only 23 Spacious Luxury Villa in over 4 Acres
- A Place to purchase PEACE!

In this debut episode of season 2, Eric discusses the ins and outs of the contemporary minimalist design as he visits the ultra-chic X2 Resort Kui Buri in Hua Hin, Thailand.

Minimalist sanctuary
X2 Resort Kui Buri is a three-hour drive away from Bangkok. Situated at a quiet fishing village, the luxurious resort sits on eight acres of land. X2 Resort Kui Buri imposes its minimalist architecture and sophisticated design against the backdrop of nautical environment, resulting in awe-inspiring space that is perfect for a retreat.

The resort consists of 23 private villas. Each villa comes with a large terrace, garden, and pool, complete with scenic view of Thailand’s virgin beachfront.

One of the most stunning features in the villas is the ‘stonewall’, which is made of locally quarried natural rocks. It is a design choice inspired by the seasonal appearance of sea pebbles along the local beach each winter.

In this episode, Eric discusses how a panel of timber could break the monotonous pattern of the stone wall. And when properly inserted, the panel can even function as a bookshelf!

Within the villas, Eric observes the position of the beds, spiral staircase, floor-to-ceiling glass doors. Eric also highlights that the architect of X2 resort applies a daylight principle, in which natural lightings plays a major part in brightening up the space, evident in floor-to-ceiling glass door and windows.

With close proximity to the beachfront, each villa is designed with clear lines and obvious function. The furniture, predominately pale wood or sleek black, white and grey, adds to the resort’s overall atmosphere of raw sophistication.


This Article is By Melisa Ng and Willy Wilson, Starproperty.
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