an online-stream lifestyle media broadcast channel for the on-the move new age viewers.

EricLeong.Tv was introduced to the new media scene with a mission of being a simple lifestyle alternative media. Starting with a big bang 'Beautiful Space' Phuket, Thailand 4 years ago, Ericleong.Tv has now grown locally and regionally hosting over 100 videos and capsules, gaining followers from around the world and is increasing in popularity by the day.

Anchored previously by the popular and exciting 'Beautiful Space', 2013 brings in new lifestyle programs such as 'Design Link' and 'After Design' to flank the new ' Only In ... ' anchor series, starting with 'Only in Bali'. Besides these Ericleong.Tv will continue to enhance design via the existing stream of informative short clips and programs such as;

Decor A TO Z
Decor A TO Z is a simple decor and design tips series that focuses on implementation. This line of short-clips is designed to provide the insights of design, from the basics of theme selection, furniture setting and all the fine elements involved in design.

Ask Eric ?
Ask Eric? is another new-wave info media launched in Ericleong.tv. A series targeted to solve real time questions and problem faced by decor lovers. A simple Q&A concept where viewers will get thier queries answered live by Eric !, and in the future even get rewarded.

Ericleong.Tv will also be launching programs such as the on going Product Hunter; another new media extensions, derived from the popularity of Decor A to Z. It's simply Eric's Introduction of New, Unique & Hip Products and Services in the market. This will be followed by My Designer Friend, My Architect Friend, Design News and much more in the near future, dedicated to Travel & Living.

Alongside prominent and experience present and past partners and alliances such as Milax Integrated, Starproperty, Design City and many others, Ericleong.Tv is close to its modest target of providing alternative new infostream.

Log-on to Ericleong.tv from time to time to keep track of the very latest by Eric Leong himself and much more !